When You’re Overwhelmed by Your Blessings

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.” (‭‭Psalms‬ ‭121:1-2‬)

Even in the midst of incredible gifts surrounding us, children, jobs, education programs, friends, relationships…in our human frailty we can feel overwhelmed even by our blessings.

And when this happens usually guilt and condemnation can follow.

Not only do we feel overwhelmed, but we then feel guilt about feeling this in the first place and can either go into self-denial about our emotions or slowly sink into depression losing motivation for the things we once enjoyed so much like reaching out to loved ones, keeping our homes, going to the job we prayed for.

Maybe some of you are there right now or can see times in your past when you’ve been there. I know I have.

Most of the time I feel so grateful for the life I have, the children I’m blessed to mother, the family and community that surrounds me with love and support, the food, water, clothes and shelter I know so many aren’t afforded. But there are other times I feel outnumbered by my children and just need a break, times even my loved ones annoy me and I annoy them, times the material things I’ve been blessed with feels like a chore to maintain.

What pulls me out of tough moments like this is usually a combination of small but meaningful reminders of how blessed I am, who God says I am, and reassessing what I can commit to and recommitting first and foremost to my well being.

So this post is my big bear hug and forehead kiss to any other mom or woman who has been feeling stretched beyond capacity, losing interest in things they previously loved, or feeling like they just need a little encouragement to continue.

So what do we do when we feel overwhelmed by our blessings?

When we realize every blessing requires stewardship and we begin to feel we don’t have the strength to steward it well.

I’m asking not just for a friend but I’m asking because I found myself there and had to journey to answer it.

Here are a few things that I found:

We shift our focus.

We all have things to do. We have bills to pay, clothes and dishes to clean, meals to cook, workouts to do, relationships to nurture, possibly children to raise, loved ones to take care of. These are all blessings!

But even these blessings can feel overwhelming at times. This is when shifting our focus can be the biggest help.

We begin to instead see every bill is evidence of something we enjoy on a daily basis that many have to live without whether it’s heat, electricity, or WiFi. Every dirty dish is evidence of food we’ve been able to have. Even the piles of laundry that can wary us all can now be reminders of the clothes we have to wear.

I love the scripture that says, “I lift my eyes up to the hills. From whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 122:1).

In our own strength we will be overwhelmed by our responsibilities or blessings.

When the pressure is on us being “superwomen” and “supermoms” to get it all done, it’s only a matter of time we’re reminded of our own humanity.

But when we look to our Creator, our Daddy, our Provider to be the one to keep all the balls rolling in our lives, to be the one to make every moment of our lives work together for our good, the one who the Psalmist says is building our lives (Psalm 27), then we can finally breathe a little easier. We can rest knowing we don’t have to save the day. We can simply give our best, and lean on an omnipotent Father who can never fail us. 

Even more practically, we can also say no to what He hasn’t graced us for in this season and also ask for help in what He has, and practice self-care.

This might look like:

  1. Asking a family member or friend to babysit so your husband and you can go on a date night
  2. Looking at your schedule and current commitments before agreeing to another
  3. Simplifying your routine by taking advantage of services like Walmart Pick Up where you can pick up your groceries in the parking lot for free and grocery delivery services like Instacart.
  4. Including things you love in your daily and weekly routines (for me this is journaling daily, taking long baths, having a simply green tea in the mornings, spending time with loved ones)
  5. Asking to be released from commitments that are no longer practical for your lifestyle. This isn’t to drop commitments but if there is something that you have been carrying but compromises your health, sanity, family time, sleep to do it might be a sign you’re not able to do it in this season.
  6. Delegating responsibilities that can be to friends, loved ones, coworkers.
  7. Being gentle with yourself 🙂

I pray this has brought encouragement and that these practical tips are helpful in your journey of life, love, or motherhood! 

Life is such a precious gift, but there are times when we all feel overwhelmed. I’ve definitely been there, but I found there’s hope and I don’t have to stay there emotionally or spiritually even as my circumstances are still working themselves out. 

I am praying for you today, for God to guard your heart and mind with His peace, for your joy to be full, and for Him to lift every burden on your heart today!

Cast your cares on Him, He cares about you so much.

With love, 


*Feel free to comment and share any insights or prayer requests, I love hearing from you!

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