The Training Ground of Motherhood

More than any other experience in my life, motherhood has been the greatest training ground for me. I think back to when I was a little girl and envisioned the woman I wanted to be. She was beautiful, bold, full of joy and emanated confidence and freedom. I didn’t know what her career was specifically; I imagined her speaking at conferences about what I didn’t yet know, I pictured her writing books about topics I hadn’t yet discovered and inspiring women with a life story I had yet to live. 

She was an ideal and a mystery to me in the same breadth. As I got older and began to see my talents and interest for journalism, social justice, and the next generation emerge I thought surely I would become this ‘phenomenal woman’ through my career. I reasoned becoming a journalist, or working for a non profit, or becoming a teacher would undoubtedly shape me into this woman and instill in me the character, values, and depth of experience I could tell this more seasoned version of myself had.

I love the woman I am and the woman I am becoming! She is flawed, but full of joy, peace, and wisdom from the lessons learned and victories won in life–many of which have come through motherhood <3

Strangley enough at 26 years old as a young woman who has traveled to various countries, gone to top schools and institutions for education, and experienced prestigious internship and community leadership opportunities from being a student ambassador to another nation, to being an editor of a globally distributed magazine, to being a field manager for a successful non profit, and many others– it hasn’t been these experiences that have most significantly shaped me into the woman I am today.

I haven’t arrived by any means, but when I reflect on what experiences have helped me grow the most in confidence, in trusting my intuition, in resilience, and in compassion, it hasn’t been a lucrative internship or hardwon degree. Those have been immeasurably valuable but what has been even more transformative for me has been my experience and journey as a mother.

Motherhood has both empowered me and humbled me. It’s revealed an internal strength I didn’t know I possessed and also showed me my deep need for the support of others in raising children. Each stage of motherhood has given me new nuggets in my walk of womanhood.

In pregnancy I learned the importance of self care, of feeding my body and soul well, of being protective over my child even in womb in what I surrounded myself with, listened to, and even spoke. In childbirth I grew in endurance, in strength, and faith. In mothering a baby and now toddlers I’m growing in being childlike, treasuring every moment, and letting go of perfectionism.

If you’re a mother, an expecting momma, or simply a woman who one day wants to have children, know that motherhood will be one of the greatest experiences in your life.

You will experience a love and joy you’ve never known before holding your son or daughter in your arms for the first time. You will marvel at your strength as you juggle taking care of yourself, a home, children, and personal relationships with not ease but grace. You will grow in wisdom as you learn from your mistakes and will eventually collect an impressive inventory of mom hacks, natural first aid remedies, improv lullabies, bedtime stories, endless chicken recipes, and ability to laugh instead of cry at the mountain of laundry to be done.

Most importantly, you will grow in empathy for every other mom you meet knowing she has said yes to one of the most fulfilling yet daunting roles she could take on, the role of a mother.

This is the training ground God has paved for so many of His daughters, His avenue for making us more like Him, more Christlike every day. It’s the way He has “taught our hands to war” with the tools of unconditional love, quiet strength, and the joy of the Lord (Psalm 144:1). 

Embrace the training, the refining, and sharpening of motherhood. You are so much stronger than you think and making so much more of an impact than you may even realize simply by your presence and daily commitment to your loved ones.

As women we have the power to carry and bring LIFE into this world! Not only are we beautiful, but resilient, and stronger than we ever imagined.

You are the queen of your home, a warrior woman, the glue that holds your family together, a pillar holding up the values of your home and every moment you choose love, you are multiplying generational blessings in your legacy like the ripples in a pond. You are growing every day into the woman God has destined you to be. 

He’s writing your story and this is only the beginning. And He promises it will be a story greater than anything you could ever think or even imagine. Keep showing up to training…Just wait, the best is still yet to come.

Sending you so much love!


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