How to THRIVE in Your Pregnancy

I’m so excited to share with everyone in the Page by Paige community that my family and I are expecting our fourth baby!

Today officially makes 20 weeks into this pregnancy and I wanted to celebrate this milestone by sharing a few things I’ve found throughout my now 4 pregnancies that have helped me not just survive, but thrive in this special season!

Like most mothers, I know what it feels like to not feel like I’m thriving in motherhood or pregnancy and because of that I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned that’s helped me find a place of joy and peace in these areas.

1. Get God’s heart for you, your children and this season.

Seeking God’s heart through spending time with Him, journaling, exploring His word and learning about birth, pregnancy, and motherhood from a godly perspective has been transformative in thriving in pregnancy.

God has given me everything from songs to play during labor, colors to inspire me, flower types to fill my home with that symbolize certain attributes of my child, scriptures to memorize and speak over myself and baby, given me insight into the calling and personality of my child (which is why we were calling Sophia our warrior princess even before she was born). God showed me she was going to be very strong and beautiful which is why her middle name is “Chayil” which is Hebrew for “warrior”.

He wants to do the same for you.

He wants to erase your fears with His perfect love, listen to your heart through letters to Him and He wants to write them right back to you. Sing songs over you as you soak to worship songs, minister to you as you mediate on the truth in His word.

This season of pregnancy is truly His invitation to you to experience His love, care and provision in such an intimate way.

2. Take on a mindset that You are blessed.

It sounds simple enough but steeped in a culture that often portrays pregnancy as a sickness and motherhood as a burden, choosing to deeply believe that my children born and unborn are blessings and I as their mother am blessed has been so catalytic in thriving in pregnancy.

It’s shifted me from a place of self pity, believing the lies of the enemy, to receiving the truth that I am empowered to bring forth life, every child is a priceless blessing to my life and family, and I am abundantly blessed.

3. Celebrate this new life!

This is baby 4 for our family and some may think, why do a gender reveal, maternity photoshoot, baby shower, etc? I say what my mother texted me with, “every life is worth celebrating!” And as you celebrate this new life, you’ll be filled with joy and wonder at the life God is forming on the inside of you.

4. Join a positive kingdom minded Childbirth course.

I’ve had 2 beautiful water births and one miraculous home birth and I would say the number one thing that helped each birth become a better more peaceful empowering experience was discovering the right childbirth course to prepare.

My absolute favorite is A Kingdom Childbirth Course I’ve taken twice now that truly taught me about God’s heart for children, pregnancy and birth to be extravagant gifts to His daughters while also diving into the practical side of the scientific breakdown of the hormones and stages of labor and birth.

Taking a class such as this that isn’t about pain management but instead renewing your mind and readying your body and spirit for birth will prepare you to confidently and peacefully birth your child.

5. Seek out prenatal care that’s best for you.

There’s nothing better in pregnancy and birth than trusting your medical provider and knowing you both are on the same page about your desires for birth and care.

6. Nourish your health.

As women at times we can put our health on the back burner as we pour into everyone else and go conquer the world. Pregnancy is a special season where you have every reason to slow down and take care of you. It’s not selfish, in fact as you take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health your unborn baby is reaping all those benefits simultaneously!

Listen to your body when it needs to rest, find a prenatal exercise routine that works for you whether it’s walking or light aerobics, take time to unwind every night and practice relaxing your body, take your prenatal vitamins and do things that keep you feeling healthy, at peace and strong.

7. Lastly, take time to reset.

In a matter of months you’re going to be welcoming your beautiful, precious child into the world. Your life will never be the same in the best possible way but you also will be responsible for a very adorable dependent little baby.

Give your future postpartum self the gift of resetting now with a baby moon. This could be a weekend get away with you and your spouse, a relaxing girls trip, a solo night at a nearby hotel, or even a simple staycation where you spend the day resting at home.


Continue doing what you love!

For me, I love writing, helping moms and families, getting dressed up, going on adventures with my friends and family.

Don’t forget to continue doing those things that make you feel most like yourself whether it’s doing your make up in the mornings, having brunch with your girl friends or date nights with your hubby, these all help you enjoy your pregnancy so much more and help you feel the love and support of your community.

I’ll be posting more blogs and videos throughout this pregnancy on what I’m learning, How to prepare for a Supernatural Birth, Creating a Birth Vision Board, My Favorite Pregnancy Snacks & Meals, and so much more!

Let me know what you want to know more of about pregnancy, birth and motherhood and I’d love to share! 

I love you and am praying for you in your journey as I’m in my own. Ultimately, we are in this together and every season of life we can rest assured that God is writing our stories, Page By Page.

He knows every chapter, and whether you’re pregnant, single, newly married, an empty nester, He has such good plans for you and for this season.

I hope these 7 tips that have helped me thrive in pregnancy encourage you, what is helping you thrive in this season?

I’d love to hear from and respond to you!

With so much love,