7 Powerful Affirmations for Pregnancy & Birth

As our family size has grown from two in love, faith-filled college students to an assortment of five colorful, very unique, very entertaining 😀 family members from our 8 month old chocolate drop Hanna, to our two year old warrior princess Sophia, to our 5 year old animal and adventure loving, Elijah, I’ve now experienced pregnancy and birth three different times and with each time can truly point back to affirmations as one of the key factors that helped me to not only enjoy, but create the pregnancy and birth experience I dreamed of having. 

Now I will say that every women’s body is different, and every pregnancy and birth experience is unique. I can only share my experience in hopes what made all the difference for me will make all the difference for you too. 

Like most women, before I ever thought of having children, the idea of pregnancy and especially birth was so intimidating to me. I remember hearing horror stories from loved ones, seeing traumatic birthing scenes in movies where the woman would curse her terrified husband in the corner for being the cause of her misery as she did what seemed to be the impossible and pushed a baby into the world. 

Birth seemed scary, painful, and could I venture to say…wrong? I didn’t understand why THIS had to be the way a child came into the world…wouldn’t it be so much calmer and easier for the stork fable to be true? A large white bird gliding through the sky with a literal “bundle of joy” swinging from it’s beak and gracefully dropping it into the serene loving arms of the baby’s mother.

Unfortunately (or so I thought) that dream could never be a reality. When I unexpectedly became pregnant the my senior year in college all of these fears came swirling to the surface. It didn’t make matters better when I found out I was pregnant, I was already in my second trimester! (you can pause to laugh or cry here with 22 year old Paige 😀 ). Thank God He immediately met me with His reassurance through loved ones in my life. I’m so grateful when I found out I was pregnant the women closest to me chose to speak LIFE and encouragement rather than doubt and fear. 

One of my closest friends and my only mom friend at the time gave me a book called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize which has now become iconic in the birth and midwifery worlds and a staple for any women’s library. 

The book is all about deconstructing the way we view pregnancy, birth, and even children and re-envisioning them through the lens of God’s perspective.

Going from seeing pregnancy as a time of sickness, birth as a dreaded day, and children as a burden to seeing pregnancy as a sacred season, birth as a special event, and children as a blessing

Through this book, a kingdom child birth class I took, listening to audio affirmations by women such as Janet Angela Mills, and my own daily affirmations I saw myself move from fearful about birth and doubtful of my own ability and strength to birth, to faith in God’s goodness in this season of pregnancy and confidence that He made my body perfectfully to bring forth life.

If you can believe it I’m past my due date in this picture and would meet Hanna in 3 days! My pregnancy wasn’t perfect but until the last day I was able to experience peace and joy <3

I’ve compiled here 7 of some of my Favorite Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations:

  1. I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength, including birth my baby (Philippians 4:13). My body is empowered to give birth and at the time of labor will relax and with each contraction will allow my baby to gently come down the birth canal into my loving arms. 
  2. My baby is a blessing, and I declare he/she is a blessing to me even right now in the womb (Psalm 127:3). I am thankful that my body is blessed, my emotions are blessed, my hormones are blessed, my marriage, relationships, finances, and every area of my life are blessed. 
  3. God’s peace guards my heart and mind through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7). I am full of peace this pregnancy and will go into labor and birth full of peace. Even if unexpected situations arise, I trust that You are with me, have good plans for me and my baby, and never give me more than I can bear.
  4. I receive God’s perfect love that casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). God you love me perfectly so I have no need to fear (you can specifically name things that you have been worried about). You never leave or forsake me.
  5. I am more than a conqueror (Rom 8:37). You have made my body and mind strong and able to do hard things including giving birth. I am confident that I am able to give birth without unnecessary medical interventions in Your grace. I conquer fear with receiving your love. I conquer self doubt by believing who You say I am. I conquer striving with abiding in You.
  6. I thank you that You are my shepherd and lead and guide me by the still waters in this pregnancy (Psalm 23). Thank you for giving me full permission and freedom to rest and enjoy this special season as I await the beautiful birth of my child
  7. “Who has ever heard of such things? Who has ever seen things like this? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children”. (Isaiah 66:8) Nothing is impossible with You, God. Just as a ‘nation can be brought forth in a moment’, I will give birth quickly, with no complications and will give birth to a healthy baby. 

I hope these 7 Affirmations for Birth and Pregnancy encouraged you in your journey of pregnancy and motherhood! I love affirmations because they help align us with the truth, which is the Word of God which so perfectly expresses His heart for us as His daughters.

Our emotions, hormones, morning sickness, other’s stories can lie to us about this season, but the truth is if you are pregnant right now…

You are blessed and your child is a blessing.

Your baby is not a mistake, but ordained by a loving and all wise God.

You will be the exact mother your child needs.

You were made for this.

You are stronger than you feel and have everything within you already to give birth in peace, focus, and confidence.

You are so close to holding your baby in your arms even if it feels like an eternity, in a year this season will be just a memory.

You don’t have to be superwoman, you can rest and trust that everything (the house, your other children, your responsibilities) will get taken care of in time.

Your birth will be one of the best days of your life.

Not only will you birth your beautiful child, but something incredible will be birthed in you! 

If you are pregnant now or hope to be pregnant in the future, I hope this blog has encouraged you that pregnancy and birth can be approached with hope, faith, gratitude, and even excitement!

I love you and am praying for you in this journey! Do you have any prayer requests for this season of pregnancy? What affirmation resonated with you? Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from and respond to you!

With so much love, 


3 thoughts on “7 Powerful Affirmations for Pregnancy & Birth”

  1. This conversation is so needed to dispel the mystery and fear surrounding childbirth. Thank you for sharing. Not currently pregnant lol, but I am definitely bookmarking this for the future!

    1. Aw thank you so much for sharing I couldn’t agree more! I love sharing what helped keep me inspired and hopeful in my pregnancies and births because so often women are only hear negative stories. I truly don’t think God wants us to have any fear when it comes to pregnancy or birth, affirmations were huge for me in letting go of fear in that area <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post on pregnancy, indeed being sick while pregnant is energy draining and really magnifies all the negativity we hear about being pregnant. I love all the affirmations. Very helpful

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