Give Yourself the Gift of Reset

It’s time to reset. 

We’re only 2 months away from the end of the year and while January 1st is the traditional time for reset and renewal I believe right now is the perfect time for us all to hit the reset button in our lives.

2020 has been full of unexpected blows from racial injustices being so glaring our country’s long history of racism is finally beginning to be confronted, to a worldwide pandemic shutting down our regular way of life, to arguably the most intense and divisive presidential election season in American history. What else could 2020 have up its sleeve? many have felt and thought.

What I have realized is we can’t control many things: when covid will finally be a distant memory, who every elected official will be, when the sin of racism will finally be fully be repented for and when true reconciliation will come between every beautiful and varied hued child of God’s family…

However, we can control how we will respond, what we speak and even what we choose to spend our time thinking about.

We can choose to reset. Reset our goals, reset our thoughts, reset what we’re speaking over ourselves and life.

As our nation is in a huge place of transition, let’s decide together that no matter what happens outside our control, we will make the decision to be who God called us to be and do what God has called us to do in this last quarter of 2020.

God’s mercies are new every morning, they are new for us today, right now. In the uncertainty, in the transition.

Let’s receive His new mercies and fresh grace in every area of our lives, in our relationships, health, marriages, careers, businesses, education, even in our walk with Him.

Let’s reset in every area: in our faith, in our families, in our marriages, in our careers

How we can reset in this last quarter of 2020:

  1. Know that God is so capable of doing more than you could ask, think or imagine. Sometimes it’s more difficult to believe God is willing to do what we’ve waited for so long, now. A key to us resetting is us first renewing our minds in believing that God truly does have good plans for us as the year is closing no matter how the year has gone so far.
  2. Create a new vision board : many of us created a vision board at the start of the year and this year has had so many unexpected turns, think of the one or two goals you really want to focus on before the year ends and use magazine clippings, quotes, photos and whatever other craft supplies you have to make a vision board that reflects your main goals of the year.
  3. Have a rest day. Some of us have been going physically and mentally for the last several months. Take a day to relax, take a break from social media and news outlets and unplug.
  4. Create a new routine. For this be realistic and have grace on yourself. Look at your commitments, what you hope to accomplish every week while also adding time for rest, fun, and transition and use excel or Google Spreadsheets to create a routine for yourself that can help give a sense of structure and security.
  5. Journal your highs and lows from the year so far. Release every triumph and disappointment from the year in a journal or letter to God to acknowledge what you’ve been through but also as a way of closing that chapter and moving forward to what all that could still be in store in this final chapter of 2020.
  6. Get trusted counseling. This could be from a professional counselor, a pastoral counselor, or a wise mentor. Share with them how you hope to end the year, maybe with launching your business, publishing the book you finished, volunteering at a local food bank, whatever it is their wisdom will help you see your goal to completion, give clarity on last steps you may not have considered and help you finish the year with a sense of victory and accomplishment.
  7. Lastly, reset with a friend who inspires you. I believe God places friends in our life to sharpen us and help us pursue all that He has for us (2 Timothy 2:22). Find one or two friends and share with each other your final goals for the year and commit to keep each other accountable, support one another, and even pray and fast together. It takes vulnerability to open up like this but I promise it will take you so much further than you ever could have gone alone.

I hope these 7 tips to reset in the last quarter of 2020 were helpful for you! 

2020 isn’t over, let’s determine together to finish it strong, bringing to fruition the dreams God’s called us to manifest, and let’s do it together!

A prayer to help us all reset:

“God I thank You that You give me new mercies every day, and I receive them right now. I receive your mercies to reset, to believe again, to put one foot in front of the over. Give me grace to move forward with what you are calling me to do, surround me with friends that will sharpen and inspire me, and most importantly remind me of Your good plans and great love for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Today is a new day and a clean slate.

Let’s reset.

I love you and am here for you! I would love to here from and respond to you! Let me know, what helps you to reset? 

Always remember, God is writing our stories, Page By Paige.