My story began as a young Black Latina girl growing up in Boston. That girl was vibrant, full of life, love for others and creativity, yet as that girl grew older she developed fears and insecurities especially surrounding marriage and motherhood. 

I had always been a dreamer, imagining myself as everything from a ballerina to a broadcast journalist, none of which intimidated me. The roles that did seem the most terrifying was that of a wife and mother.

In my freshmen year at my now alma mater, Spelman College, God met me with all of these deep seated doubts, fears and insecurities with His love, His healing, and His truth. I began to believe who he said I was: His beloved daughter and a woman who through His grace could be that Proverbs 31 woman who lived a beautiful life of intimacy with God, a thriving marriage, well loved and raised children, community impact, and exciting entrepreneurship.


An unforgettable chapter in my story was marrying my college sweetheart, Curtis Smith, in my Junior year of college, January 1, 2014.


Since that day I have continued to allow God to write my story, and have never been disappointed. It hasn’t been easy but I can truly say I am living the life God has dreamt for me and that life is greater than I ever could have planned or imagined . 

It’s led to me graduating from my dream school, Spelman College and now onto pursuing my Masters in Education from University of Southern California. It’s led to building financial legacy and buying our first home at 25.

It’s led to having the opportunity to be a full time mom of my toddlers, speak at women’s conferences, teaching youth, traveling across the country, and seeing my articles published and impact women around the world.

It has led to two beautiful water births and one miraculous home birth, it’s led to my husband and I being in ministry together having the privilege and honor of mentoring, praying with, and teaching an incredible spiritual community in Atlanta. It’s led to our greatest gifts and joys, our 3 children, Elijah Enoch, Sophia Chayil, and Hanna Shiloh. It’s led to 5 years of marriage, and I know will unfold into a lifetime of more. 

"I trust the next chapter because I know the Author" -Anonymous